Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Our Very Weird Day...

Today was very weird. It started out very normal. We had some coco pops, a few cheeky slices of honey toast, some much needed caffeine and we were off. 

The tube journey was fun... 

... Angus posed for a mug shot...

And we finally got a photo of Angus showing some form of positive emotion! From that moment on, we knew it would be a grand day. 

When we got to Embankment station we grabbed ourselves a few iced coffee's... And then things started getting weird. For you see, when we were making our way down town, walking fast, faces passing, a familiar face walked past; YouTube Vlogger FunForLouis!! With the swiftness of a coursing river, Grace stopped him and we managed to get a few cheeky selfies (more to come) 

He was so lovely (and VERY TALL) speaking to us for a little while and then leaving. We thought that would be the end of it, but no! Our day was only just beginning! For not 30 minutes later, while sitting outside the National Theatre, we saw Andrew Scott (Moriarty from BBC's Sherlock)! OMG! It was so cool! Sadly he was getting lunch and we didn't get any snaps, but I'm sure you will hear all the tales of the ordeal when we return. 

We were sufficiently freaked by now. We weren't sure what was going on, but we continued on our way and went to Camden market, Where Christopher got this beautiful get up...

... Followed by going to oxford street. Specifically, in Katie and I's case, the lush store and Disney store. 

It was very fun. And we were all so exhausted and ready to sleep... But we still had a performance of les mis to see! 
So we trecked to Pizza Hut and as we were heading we saw FunForLouie again with another youtuber- Crabstickz!!! It was insane! We waved at them awkwardly, continued on our way, and then saw FRICKING GOK WAN! What even was today? Sadly no photos were taken...
Reaching Pizza Hut we ate our weight in pizza, and finally saw what was definitely the highlight of the trip for me; Les MIIIIS! Many tears were shed, and the cast were incredible. The experience was indescribable and I just wish I could watch it every night. What made it even more incredible was that Ms Monaghan have us permission to head to stage door to meet some of the cast members!! The most highly requested cast member was Miss Carrie Hope Fletcher...

A youtuber (yet again) who played Eponine incredibly and is the nicest most adorable person ever! We also met Cosette who was such a lovely person...

Javert, who we lack a photo of but got an autograph from, and finally JEAN VALJEAN! 

We are now packing up our troubles in our old kit bag and getting ready to bid adeiu to London, but not before going to a les mis workshop tomorrow morning! I apologise for the lack of photos, however everyone is exhausted here and I don't have photos of everyone on my phone! I hope to get some more up tomorrow, but until then I bid you goodnight!! 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Day 2 begins!

Sitting in the computer room waiting for everyone to come down so we can head off on our first full day in London! Oxford street, Covent Garden and The Globe are on the list followed by Pizza and LES MISERABLES! Which we are all excited for! Tissues are at the ready! Angus is super excited. It's just to early for him.  

Monday, 22 June 2015

London Day 1!

What an incredible end to an incredible day! Billy Elliot was simply incredible! The cast were so brilliant and I have to say that the audience was incredible too! It really made the performance with everyone being so responsive I felt like the actors were enjoying themselves so much more. I have never had a better theatre experience in my entire life! 

We're all off to bed now, but I leave you with this beautiful group photo! We'll keep you more updated tomorrow, but today has been very hectic! Good night all! 

Had some train trouble but we are now FINALLY on the train to kings cross!! Super pumped 😊 

On our way!

Some of the boys looking super pumped as we make our way to London! They are all excited on the inside, I promise. Except Christopher. He's excited through and through. 

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Hello! Becca here, and this is the official blog for the NBHS London Trip with the Performing Arts subjects. Throughout the trip we'll be posting pictures of our adventures and reviews of the shows we have seen so make sure to check out this blog every day to see what we've been up to!